Saturday, February 8, 2020

Trade of 2 Future Stars

     Living near(ish) to New York, 2 of the hottest names at the card show are Gleyber Torres and the best prospect in baseball, Wander Franco. I found a dealer who stocks up on Torres rookies, and he gave me an offer for one of my best cards, a 2018 Topps Series Two SSP late rookie variation. If any of you are familiar with the Series Two Ronald Acuna Jr. "Bat Down" variation, it's the same thing, just with Gleyber Torres. I basically had a 50/50 shot at a card that's selling for $300 right now. Despite the Torres not going for nearly that much, it's still a good pull, going for $50. At first I didn't realize that it was special, and so it got slightly rounded corners. Even with the condition, the dealer still gave me $26 in cards.

    This is the first card, and the dealer said that I could choose from a group of Clubhouse Collection relics. There wasn't one that stood out to me, so I took Puig. This card was priced at $6.

     This card, priced at $5, is the first of two Francos from the trade. I was given a choice between the base card or one of two inserts from the set. I generally prefer base cards to inserts, so that's what I took. I might start up a Franco mini-collection because I got these two cards.

     This is the main attraction of the deal, a Wander Franco relic. It's a cracked ice parallel, bringing the print run down to 25. The card was priced at $15, which is quite a deal. He also had a second one of these that is 20?/25, while this one is 9/25. This card is National Baseball Card show exclusive, and was brought to the dealer by the person who runs the card show who goes to the National every year.

     Early next week I hope to do the second edition of Card Wars, which includes some 2020 Topps Series One and my thoughts on it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How far can a dollar get you?

     The answer to that question is a long way. At my local card show, there is a very friendly dealer who runs a table with a 3200 count monster box full of cards that he's selling for 5 cents a piece. That's 20 cards for a buck, which is the way to go if you're running low on cash. I brought five bucks to the show, and I spent one dollar here.

     Here we have a trio of pink prizms from 2019 Panini Prizm Baseball. Out of 20 cards, this is surprisingly not the only Shane Bieber I bought. Part of the reason I bought this is the recognizable names, which is sometimes not the case with 5 cent boxes. The color parallel is just a bonus.

I was short on time and needed 4 cards to make it an even buck, and these stuck out.

     RIP Skaggs. Sadly Taillon is out for another year from injury.

     I'll take a hall-of-famer from outside the junk wax era. I was mistaken and thought that the Ethier was a parallel, but he's not a bad player.

     The shimmer on these cards really made them stand out, and even though I've never heard of Speights before, Gasol is a noticeable name.

     I told you I had another card of Beiber. I love the photo, and it fits the card perfectly.

     I needed a card of my Celtics' newest star, so this was a great find.

     Even though I love the Bieber, this is the best photo of the bunch. Chrome cards tend to blur out the backround, but the umpire and foul pole are clearly visible.

     Heyward's looking sharp!

     Let's end this where we started, with color parallels from Prizm. The names here are not a big, but I've still heard about them.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The STATUS of My Collection

     Over the past few months I've started to plug my collection into the Trading Card Database. I used to think that I didn't have too many cards, but upon early estimates I have around 2.5 thousand cards. As I'm putting this all in, I'd like to show off a few of the recent additions to my collection.

     This might be my favorite Ozzie Albies in my collection. I love the design, even though it's not exactly a photograph. Panini Status comes out every year for basketball, and I would totally buy it if the same was true for baseball. However, it's only in the mashup product Panini Chronicles, and I don't like the other cards enough to buy it.

     When I was on vacation to California recently, my uncle was looking to get rid of his basketball card collection and gave it to me and my brother. This was my favorite card, a Topps Archives with the '85 design. I love the airtime that The Mailman gets in this pass.

     This is currently the only unopened pack in my collection, as most packs I get are ripped open before long. I bought four of these for $18 at Big Lots a couple months ago, which is a good deal, considering that that's what one one of them goes for on ebay. I'm holding on to this one to see where the prices go if Acuna has another great season. 2 of the packs I bought I sold for $25 on ebay, so I'm not in the hole at all. I decided to open the last pack.

     This was my favorite card from the pack that I opened. I got an Ohtani rookie, but those have become less valuable. The thing that draws me to this card is the Stadium Club worthy photography on a flagship card. I especially like the bat pointed at the camera.

     I have one quick update on the Zion that I pulled. I sold it for $50 at the beginning of January, which was better than average at the time. After his big debut, the same card is now going for over $100.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hall of Fame

     As you might have realized by now, I'm not much of a vintage collector. The oldest card I have is this 1970 Jim Bunning. I'm pretty proud of it, as Bunning's a hall-of-famer, even a lesser known one. I thought this would be a good time to show it off. It isn't much, but the centering is pretty good, and it was given to me by my dad's friend, so that makes it special. The corners are pretty rounded, though.

     While I'm on the topic of the Hall of Fame, I'd like to give my congratulations to Derek Jeter and Larry Walker. Whatever that one voter was thinking, I don't know, but Jeter should be unanimous. I wonder if the voter will ever be found.

Saturday, January 18, 2020


     This week I was on a school trip to D. C., so I wasn't able to get any posts out. I had a great time with my friends (none of who collect baseball cards, but are still amazing), saw plenty of museums, and best of all, went to the mall. If you were wondering, I did not find any cards, but got a nice sweatshirt. I never saw the Nationals' stadium but would have loved to.

     On the way down to Washington, we stopped in Philly.

     On the way back, it was cool seeing New York at dusk.

     We also passed near Baltimore.

     Even though there was no baseball on my trip through cities hosting 5(!) MLB teams, I still had a great time.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Card Wars #1

     Today I will still do the break I promised, but with an added twist. I was thinking that this blog needed a series, or something similar that I do, or at least try to do, on a regular basis. This is where Card Wars comes in. I'll try to do one or two of these a month. So, without further ado, let me explain Card Wars. The idea is that I will pick up a box or pack of cards, then I will spend an equal amount on specific, already-pulled cards from some other place. Then I will estimate what the cards I pulled from the pack are worth from the place where I bought the other cards. I'll see which one, the pack or the individual cards, is worth more. I apologize as the photo quality isn't great. This is my first stab at this, so let's go.

Today's matchup:
January 2020 Card Show
Panini Leather and Lumber Blaster Box

First up, the card show.

Card #1: 2016 Panini Immaculate Collection Quad Players #12 Stephen Piscotty/ Miguel Sano/ Trevor Story/ Trea Turner $7

     For seven dollars, this is a no-brainer. I'm a sucker for relics, and with four relevant players, I'd take this any day. The only downside is that there is a tad bit of white showing, but I can live with that. Numbered out of 99 is just a bonus for me. I love this card.

Card #2: 2018 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics Ozzie Albies $7

     Not as prestigious of a card, this Albies is still a PC need. I like this card because of the focus on Albies' face, and of course that this is a jersey piece of my favorite player. I've spent $14 in total, and given that I got the box on a discount, I need to spend one more dollar to even it up.

Card #3: 2017 Topps Gypsy Queen #241 Josh Bell $1

(Edit: Sorry, took a pic of the wrong card.)

     I got this at a different card show, but I needed the dollar to even things out. I have a small collection of Bell, and this is a sweet rookie card, so it's worth the dollar.

Total: $15

     I'm happy with the cards I got for $15 dollars, even if it's only three of them. Let's see what the box can do.

Panini Leather and Lumber Blaster Box

     I originally bought one at Wal-Mart for $20 but then I returned it thinking that it might be discounted at the show. Good thing I did, because I saved five bucks.I

Pack #1 out of 2: Inserts

     I'm pretty happy with the first pack. I love how the inserts are embossed. The Trout would probably sell for $2 at my show, with the others in the quarter bin. Let's call it $3 for the first pack.

Pack #2 out of 2: The Base and Hit

     The first three cards are ok, but I'm happy with the two Pirates sandwich the Abreu. Dime box for these three, with $3.30 the running total.

     This card is embossed, but sadly is not a good player. Put this in with the five for a buck, and put the running total up to $3.50. Now, the moment we've all been waiting for, the hit. Will it have the $12 needed to put the box on top, or will it fall short?

     It's an auto, of an a-ok rookie for the Pirates. On the second glance I noticed something else. 23/25. This is close. Going off of what I saw from the show, a Newman rookie #/99 was going for $8, and one numbered out of 50 for $9. Both were on-card, which I would consider this to be on card even though it isn't really. I would price this at $10 at the show, which puts us up to $13.50.

The winner is... January 2020 Card Show.

     I feel like card shows are a better deal, which is why I spend a lot of money there. Even with a Kevin Newman auto numbered to 25 AND a card of the game 's best player, this box of cards can not match up to the card show.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

More Prizm

     At the last card show that I went to, it was overloaded with Panini Prizm Basketball. I would say that at least four of the 25 or so tables had unopened blasters of the product. I was thinking of getting another blaster, but the prices were in the $30 range. I ended up getting a 4-card pack for $4, a buck less than what the dealer normally charged. At that price, I'll take it.

     As you can see, it wasn't a great pack, but it was only 4 cards. Pretty unrecognizable names, except for Kevin Love (if you look towards the top, it is very off center), which is not normally the case with basketball, as the NBA market s their players well. I'm glad I didn't spend $30, but anything is possible in these boxes (or packs).

     Another thing that I would like to say is that I would appreciate feedback, comments, or suggestions. I am new to blogging and can use all the help I can get. :)

     The next post I will be opening a blaster of 2019 Panini Leather and Lumber that I picked up for $15, so stay tuned for that.